Completing my own Breakthrough Canvas

Here’s a photo of me about to write my Breakthrough Canvas at the start of 2019.

Yes, I know, as a team we designed and built The Breakthrough Canvas…

…then we tested it – tested it again and when we saw the results that entrepreneurs gained, we decided to film it and put up online so everyone can access it. (You can access The Breakthrough Canvas here – and it’s free for a limited period).

So, you might think that we know it so well that we just don’t have to do it ourselves?

Well, that’s just not how things work!

Firstly, I want breakthroughs for my business too! Yes, I know we are a success and growing strongly, but, for the next challenge, for the next step, we need bigger breakthroughs, greater insights and more powerful clarity about what we are doing and why.

So, its back to The Breakthrough Canvas.

And yes, I have written out my Breakthrough Canvas before – its just that every time I do it – I get greater clarity or am forced to face issues that I haven’t resolved. And by taking these steps, my business grows.

Lastly, how could I ask you to complete your canvas if I’m not willing to do it myself?

As a Microsoft employee once said when he discovered all the Microsoft engineers using non-Microsoft products – “we have to eat our own dog food – if we don’t like it, make it better.

I’m lucky, as writing my own canvas is little the best champagne – but to keep it like that, we need to use it and apply it too.

If you haven’t completed your Breakthrough Canvas yet, register for the online course here – but hurry, it won’t be free forever.