Raising Finance as easy as 1…2…3

Raising funds is easy – if you have something worth saying, and say it well… so how do you do that?

1. Build a breakthrough business model canvas

2. Convert that into a 3 minute pitch deck; you can download the template from our Facebook group

3. Know what you want (I’ll cover that in another post).

The key to a great pitch is that you may need to say it well in 30 seconds or 3 minutes – but it is unlikely you will be listened to if you go on long!

Equally, the point of the pitch is to invite questions / follow up – it is to generate interest – not to close the deal!

So, brevity is the goal. But you must pack punch and emotionally connect in that brief time.

That’s why firstly, you use your Breakthrough Business Model Canvas to gain crystal clarity. Then, once you have clarity, convert that into a 3 minute pitch deck – which you can summaries in three lines if you are in a lift and only have 30 seconds!

Often as startup entrepreneurs, we think the challenge we face is raising money – it isn’t! The challenge you face is gaining clarity around why your business model is a compelling proposition. Don’t confuse lack of clarity with lack of money.

If you have a compelling business model and are able to tell it succinctly, then the money is available.

If not, then not!