What Do You and Your Startup / Business Need?

Startup creation? Turnarounds? Pivots? Seed Funding? Growth Hacking?

Someone on your side? Enterprise innovation?

I'm Neil Lewis a startup mentor and founder. I work alongside startup founders and business leaders as a coach or non-exec co-founder. I help leaders create, pivot & recover, grow / growth hack, raise funds and build teams and culture.

Find out about my work as a Startup Mentor, how I help startup founders and business leaders and the kind of results and impact that I have delivered.

(Please note: I have limited availability, especially for larger projects, so do reach out to me early on your journey.)

What I do

I work alongside founders and business leaders, like you, who are experienced tech experts or business specialists. I can help you deliver projects to create, accelerate, pivot & recover, raise funds & revenue and grow your startup or enterprise.

Sometimes this is a hands on role. Other times, I give you the support and strategic sounding board you need to test your ideas and ways forward to empower you as the leader.

Working with me

I’ve built multi million pound startups and help founders do the same. I’ve been there, done that, got a wardrobe of T shirts. I can help you identify hidden opportunities, solve problems and remove the barriers to your success. I can deliver & lead projects or I can support you or your staff to deliver those projects.

My founders and business leaders tell me that I use a mixture of both laser like strategic thinking coupled with pragmatic ‘make it happen’ action.

How I work

I work like a co-founder, a partner, a trusted resource – like someone on your side – but where you always keep control. I work best with purpose driven founders and business leaders who want to make a dent in the universe. I am largely sector agnostic.

I have developed a structured approach to change and growth. This method is particularly useful when working with teams. Or, when communicating change across a larger group.

Business Model Canvases - a structured approach to launching and accelerating growth

Blogs - where I share startup insights arising from my work


Testimonials - find out what other successful founders think


Video - hear directly from Neil Lewis