Curious Startup Teams

Curious Startup Teams Beat Competent Teams

2023 Prediction – Curious Startup Teams Win!

Why we need to re-think our startup teams

In case you haven’t yet tried ChatGPT from Open AI – take a look here.

It writes blogs, articles and answers for any question.

Is it biased? Yes.

Is it misogynistic? Yes, if you ask your question in a slanted way. And sometimes, when you don’t.

But can you use it? Well, apart from using it to answer (or ask) dating (and break-up) questions – yes. Some smarty pants at the FT’s Alphaville have already used it to write stock picks or economic predictions!

And an FT reader wrote to share his concerns about what this means for online content moderation…

You might also use it to generate 101 Reasons To Launch a Startup! (As I did). And yes, it has a darker side, as revealed by the New Statesman.

I’ve used it to write 300 words on the impact of olive trees on carbon capture. I edited the final version – which you can read here.

I also asked it to write me 300 words on how to tell my wife that I didn’t want another Christmas jumper this year…..she wasn’t impressed! ?

Okay, it’s clever – but so what!

What it means is that average blog writers are out of a job. But…

…editors have more work!

In other words, the better you ask a question…the richer and better the AI generated answer.

The skill then, for success in 2023 – is to ask better questions.

We no longer need to know how to write – but we have to be able to pick and define a topic and express that idea in a clear question.

We also no longer need to know how to paint – because Open AI also allows you to generate original pieces of art or photos – based on your statement. I’ve used it to generate an image of marmalade on toast with olive oil here…

Equally, we no longer need to know how to code – my last month has been spent in the warm embrace of Optimize Press – but there are many ‘no code’ website / sales page builder out there.

Curious Startup Teams

So, if you are hiring for 2023 – hire smart people who are fast learners and – above all – curious!

If you are building a team in 2023 – surround yourself with people who ask great questions and are, again, curious!

We’ve seen, for maybe 250 years, that increased specialism equates to increased value (and pay). This trend is now under threat, because, an AI tool in the hands of a smart person is better than an expensive specialist – in more and more cases.

Remember too, this is the beginning. The AI tools are getting better and smarter.

We need to think differently about who we hire and bring into our core teams.

Coaching question

As always, I finish my posts with a coaching question. So, the question here must be this:

Who, in your team, asks the best questions?