David Elms

Having sought an experienced coach whom I could trust and rely upon for business advice, working with Neil has highlighted many other qualities that I should have also prioritised in my search. Neil is calm and caring while listening and delivering his insights, he is always accepting of my own pressures and biases, with endless energy and compassion to question and guide me through a range of topics that we identify and interrogate for the benefit of our business.

He has created value starting within myself, illuminating skill sets that I have and has shown me through his own tools, personal stories and experiences several practical ways to apply these to our business. In each session, Neil expands my mindset within my own conceivable horizon, giving me the confidence to explore. The business has and I’m certain will continue to gain improved avenues for customer and revenue generation because of Neil’s contribution.

Working with Neil has been a wholly beneficial experience, and I consider him to be a great resource of our business.

David Elms, Co-founder, Statement Reader