Looking for a New Post #GDPR Marketing Strategy?

1. Instead of building an email list of prospects – build a Facebook Group instead?

2. Focus your email lists of your existing / renewing / repeating clients rather than people ‘getting to know you’. Facebook pages offer a similar channel to keep in touch with people who already know you but won’t reach a new audience unless you pay to advertise.

3. Publish longer ‘free’ reports on your website to encourage people to get to know you and short tips and opinions on social media (Facebook groups / LinkedIn Feed / Twitter)

4. Use images and an Instagram account if your product / service is highly visual / highly personal, otherwise, concentrate on other channels

5. Use videos and YouTube if you have ‘How to…’ advice

6. Reach out (through Social Media?) and pick up the phone to build new partnerships and links to other people’s networks.

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