Scaleup Coaching

About Non Exec Founder / Startup Mentor

Many people are familiar with coaching or perhaps startup mentoring – but a non exec founder brings a whole different level of helping founders achieve their goals faster:

  • Got the T shirt strategy and coaching is where deep and direct experience of growing, surviving and thriving with high growth businesses combines with two other things:
  • The ability to coach the person – perhaps around leadership, managing partners, client relations etc… as well as,
  • The ability to lay out a series of next steps that enable founders and senior exectutives to take action – now, in the immediate future and for the long term benefit too.

There are, for instance, many great coaches who can help with your leadership challenges, speaking in public, confidence etc…

There are equally, many great mentors who can layout next steps too.

But, the rarity is when all these things combine with deep and direct experience of running and growing startups.

Why does this matter?

Simple, on one day, a founder, a COO needs support and encouragement. On another day, founders need help to prioritise the steps to achieve a goal or avoid a risk. Finally, sometimes founders just need to hear from someone who has been there, done that, got a wardrobe of T Shirts

That’s why we use the phrase – Got the T-shirt Scaleup Coaching.

We bring empathy – because sometimes you just need someone on your side who understands; strategy – because sometimes we need to rethink the path; and, pragmatism – because non of this makes a difference if it doesn’t make a difference to what we do.

If you want to know more about us – check us out here.

If you are a potential Got the T-shirt Scaleup Coach – let’s talk. Please note, we are looking to work / collaborate with coaches who have built – from the very start – businesses in excess of £1m of turn over and at least 10 staff.