We help business and social enterprise leaders achieve lift-off with new products and services, magnify their growth and tackle red-alert emergencies.

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Our purpose is to democratise startup and scaleup knowledge and advice, by making support affordable at all points of an organisation’s journey.

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Who are we?

Our focus is Sustainable Growth which comes by creating something unique and exceptional, rather than seeking growth by competing to be bigger, faster or more furious.

We are customer positive and funding agnostic, believing that great businesses attract good funding partners, weak businesses chase finance at the cost of delivering great customer experience.

Led by Neil Lewis >> Ex Economist >> First Digital product in 1991 >> Built 2 multi-million pound business (with partners) one which went spectacularly bust >> Published Author (100 Rules for Entrepreneurs) >> Speaker / Trainer / Coach >> Ran first startup accelerator in Manchester in 2011 >> Developed early stage team assessment model with Manchester Business School >> Rebuilt the standard Business Model Canvas as follows:

How we help

Our publishing, coaching and training activities go beyond sharing knowledge and instead are all focused on facilitating breakthroughs – ahha! moments we call them. These are the points where a leader’s personal insight leads them to take action or to change behaviours.

If you’d like to talk to me about how I can help you grow your business or realise your entrepreneurial ambition, then please contact me

Neil Lewis, @neil_lewis
Publisher, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

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