Founder Resilience – resources for Startup Leaders

All Startup and growth businesses need help and support. But let’s not forget the founders, because sometimes they need encouragement too.

In fact, its often hard to separate the strength of a startup from the mental and emotional strength of the founder or founder resilience. So, I’ve gathered here a list of the top resources, advice and help that I’ve written/ shared and article by others that I’ve found valuable.

Founder resilience

Founder resilience is an often overlooked aspect of a startups strength, which is why it important to make time to build and develop that resilience. Here, I’ve listed some articles and resources that I hope you and other founders will find valuable:


1. Building Trust

Startup surviving and thriving in a time of coronavirus!


2. Founder Resilience starts here

Resilience - how to move from Survive to Thrive in the Startup World


3. The best founders are optimists

How to be an Optimist during Tough Times


4. Sometimes, it is right to call an end to your startup

Founder, do you want this, enough?


5. Founder encouragement…

Why Founders Are Amaze-ing!


6. You do have holidays, don’t you?!?

How to Have a Holiday


7. If you build strong teams – the pressure on you, the founder, will ease. So…

How Do we Build Strong Home Working Teams?


8. And the three best questions for any founder to ask if you are feeling uncertain or unsure:

How to Change the World in Three Questions


9. The really big question – do you continue or not?

To Quit or Not to Quit? That is the question…

10. And, if the issue is between co-founders, how do you resolve that?

How to Overcome Co-Founder Fights and Get Your Startup Scaling Again…