Are We are All Publishers Now? – and Why 90% of Websites Fail

Do you have a website? Of course you do.

Or perhaps you have a blog? Or have written a book or guide?

Certainly if you are a consultant or part of a business, then that business will have a website, right? And probably a blog? And you might be thinking about a forum or a newsletter?

Or perhaps a whole lot more, audio, video, reports, graphs, moving images and so on?

Either way, you are now publishing, aren’t you?

And, whilst a few websites may remain static digital business cards (and some should simply revert back to this status), the majority of business websites or websites for business people, need updating.

Updating today, and tomorrow, and the week after, and next month? That’s publishing – creating, displaying and distributing new content to the (hopefully growing) band of users.

In fact, how does it look if someone looks at your website and sees the last post or entry is from last year (ie last month, December)? Not good is it?

So, now the tail is wagging the dog. You thought it would be great to have website, you knew you needed to add content to get search engine ranking and so bring in the new enquiries and so forth; only now, the regular blog is getting harder to write. If you send a newsletter it is going out a week late (or two). And you are starting to think, can we keep going?

It is a good question. Or at least, it is good that you are asking the question. Sadly, many websites don’t address this issue – that is, they stagnate and then just sit on the web growing old and damaging your brand.

So, what do you do?

You have a choice, either return your website to a digital business card (such that it doesn’t need updating) or accept that a website is like a magazine and needs to be updated and refreshed on a regular basis.

The reason that so many websites fail, is because they fail to do one of these two things – update and refresh.

We are all publishers now (okay, accept those business that restrict themselves to just a digital business card) and, publishing needs to be done professionally and to a reasonable standard to maintain your brand.

If not, then your website risks joining the other 90% of living dead websites that fill up most of the internet.