Uncover Breakthroughs… Grow Faster…

If you are running a startup or scaleup, check out the video above…

We’ve worked with new and growing businesses to help them achieve lift-off and magnify growth but also at key points of their development such as when…

  1. you are considering a pivot
  2. you’re struggling to find customer traction
  3. you’re finding it difficult to convince investors

  4. or

  5. your partners are pulling in different directions
  6. you want to move forward faster
  7. you want to find and resource your team quicker

The nature of startup and scaling up is that often, we don’t like to openly talk about the challenges our startup / scaleup faces, because we fear that it might affect potential investors or team members – who are also typically invested via equity.

However, facing the brutal facts of where you are as a team, is also critical to progress – and that’s what this Canvas allows you to do… see where you are, gain insights about your next step and have an honest conversation with your team and supporters. Sometimes, you just need help to see how to put that team together too.

Each time we’ve worked with entrepreneurs or teams using this Breakthrough Canvas, we’ve uncovered new insights and gained breakthroughs, so that they can move forward faster.

Check out the video and if you’d like help to land the insights and breakthroughs for your team, then get in touch.