Triple Startup Impact

Triple your Startup Impact

Triple Your Startup Impact

Are You Up For The Challenge?

During my digital / marketing / publishing career, I learnt one very important lesson; write once, publish three times!

And, this philosophy can be applied to all areas of a startup business – not just content nor just the marketing – to accelerate everything that you do. So where does this idea come from and how can you apply it to triple your impact?

The Story

A publisher I was working with in 2007, told me that he took the articles that he sold via his specialist tax newsletter and collated them into a book at the end of the year and sold to the *same* articles to the *same* subscribers.

He then took the same articles again and built a live seminar event – and invited the *same* subscribers to pay to attend the talks!

Wow‘, I said – ‘I hope your subscribers never find out they paid three times for the same content‘.

His reply surprised me.

Nope. They all know. And they love that we do this. They know that learning about tax is complex and they know they have to keep coming back to make sure they have, firstly, understood and then secondly, know how to apply the lessons. It takes three attempts to really understand and learn.

His subscribers actually thanked him for re-selling the same information three times – albeit in different formats!

In essence, this is how to triple your impact for – more or less – the same effort.

Write (or create) once and then publish three times!

(Note: I don’t mean, share the first piece in three channels – I mean, create three content items out of one piece and then share *each* item in all channels every time!).

In honour of this lesson – I have taken the three big newsletter pieces I wrote last year and turned them into videos:

5 Growth Hacking Insights

A Guide to NorthStars and Magic Moments

9 Insights into Seed Funding

(go on, have a listen / watch – and give me a like! 😉 )

Why these three?

You might wonder why did I choose to make videos of these three articles together?

Well, the answer is, because the key to raising funds is growth hacking – and that’s why a growth hacking strategy needs to be at the heart of any fundraising strategy.

And, of course, if you aren’t raising funds, growth hacking needs to be at the heart of any business growth strategy, because you can only invest as fast as your revenue feeds the business.

Yep – you can see how this works right?

If you are a young, fast growing business – whether you are raising funds or not – growth hacking is where we all need to focus.

I will, in due course, produce a 4th video – which explains how these three videos link together and why it is important to watch all three! 😉

But it’s not just about users / readers

You can also apply this strategy to other areas of your business too. For instance, let’s say you write a brilliant pitch deck – well then, share it (in due course) to build your reputation in the startup space.

If you write something for your internal team – look at how you can repurpose the same advice for people outside your organisation, or with your trusted subscribers, too.

However, this strategy also applies to coding. Coders share their code on places such as GitHub – well, at least, everything except their most ‘essential code’.


As a coder explained: ‘other users take my code and they fork it, fix bugs, add features etc and I end up getting difficult / low-priority work done for free (in exchange for others getting use of my code).’

Would you like someone else to make your code better? For free?

…would this increase your impact???

So, ask this question:

Look at what you created / built / wrote / did in the last 12 months – what can you share from those activities that might increase your impact?

Perhaps you might ask this question of your teams too?


Triple Startup Impact