Richard Davies CHX Platinum Property

Great strategic mind!

I’ve worked with Neil Lewis before, so I know what to expect. He brings a brilliant strategic mind to each and every problem or opportunity we throw at him. Sometimes he helps us decide how to act and grow the business. Other times, he makes us question our plans and saves us from making errors or taking bad turns. Both are extremely valuable and have helped us navigate the good and the bad that’s to be found in all growth businesses. Neil’s helped us on business acquisition, fund raising, marketing and branding and product development. Happy to recommend – highly.

Richard Davies
CHX Media


Epic Win.Team

Wise council! Every founder knows that building a startup is a lonely path with so many questions and uncertainties. Hence, we’ve worked with Neil to bring his years of experience, knowledge and wisdom to our challenges, our opportunities and to help us choose the best path for products and our customers. Neil Lewis has provided incredibly broad experience from fund raising to revenue generation to market testing to product development and team building. He provides us with a reliable and trustworthy source of wise council.


Awesome. Just awesome. Neil and the Media Modo team are just the best ever. I can’t say enough good things about them. I’ve used the Breakthrough Business Model Canvas to clarify and rapidly grow my businesses and backed up with Neil’s coaching, this has really had an impact on our accelerated growth.

Nathan Pearson, serial entrepreneur, winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year

“As Rising Stars Tech Nation winners in 2019, we were fortunate to be introduced to Neil at Media Modo.

“Having reached a critical point in our scaling up, our sessions with him have been not only very enjoyable but also incredibly instructive and useful. Neil helped us clarify the direction we want to take and how to achieve and succeed in our upscaling. His questions and advice allowed us to identify and put into words the core values we want to preserve during our growth. We are now equipped with great tools to move forwards and upwards.

“Working with Neil has been great!”

Dr Mark Larkin,
CEO & Founder at Vitaccess

We gained greatly from the coaching sessions with Neil Lewis from Media Modo. Advice and coaching given in a straightforward, impartial and friendly way. Really thought-provoking discussions. We appreciated the sessions so much and look forward to connecting further with Neil! Would definitely recommend to companies wanting to grow and change!

Sarah Mintey
Developing Experts
Tech Nation Rising Stars Winner and Future Fifty Company

The coaching was incredibly useful at helping us to identify key areas of improvement within the business that we had not considered before. We also really appreciated how the coaching was not “You should be doing X Y Z” but rather helping us to come to our own conclusions on these topics, whilst providing expert insight where required. That was a lot more useful at helping us improve processes and understanding why we should be doing that than if we had just been told what to do. Overall, the sessions were excellent and I would recommend them to anyone in an early-stage startup.


Neil Andrew, PPC Protect, Tech Nation, Rising Stars Winner

I was first introduced to Neil as a coach through the British Library. Since this time, I have received weekly coaching sessions to help shape my ideas for a new educational business.

Neil has been incredibly generous with his time and has shown patience and good humour throughout. I have thoroughly appreciated his support and guidance and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services as a coach.

Simon Yearley, Media and Education Entrepreneur

I just wanted to say thank you for a great Breakthrough Business Model coaching sessions. I found it really interesting and useful to think about my business idea with your framework, as I was already familiar with the Business Model Canvas. Using the Breakthrough Business Model Canvas I discovered a new insight on my business purpose.

I found the stories you told about other business models, like that student journalists who were able to expand by slightly changing their business focus to meet a pressing need, very helpful to me too. I also now have an idea for how I can frame the different niches of my business, which is great.

Leona Smith,
Property Entrepreneur

My coaching sessions with Neil are absolutely amazing. He’s got such a lovely personality, I connected with him immediately and he’s soooo easy to talk to, our sessions just flow!!

He’s highly skilled in listening to me and understanding where I’m up to and what my needs are.

Working with Neil has had such a huge affect on how I think and the way in which I work to enable me to develop, grow and expand my business.

Michelle Ayavoro, HerArt Social Enterprise

I really do think The Breakthrough Business Model Canvas and Neil’s coaching is a brilliant framework for hard discussions and it is so well focused on the startup and scaleup sector! I love the “aha” moments that I’ve gained and that I’ve seen other people gain too. It’s just brilliant.

Juliann Tilley, fitness entrepreneur, Michigan, USA

I attended a Social Media workshop presented by Neil and Media Modo. He very quickly understood the stage we were at and was able to adapt his advice to make it relevant to our needs. Came away much more knowledgeable and empowered. Thank you.

Yamini Clarke, NW entrepreneur

We felt inspired and empowered by Neil’s straightforward, no nonsense approach to marketing and all his useful advice, from someone who’s been there done that. We are already referring back to his workshop with a quick ‘remember what Neil said’ so it has definitely sunk in too!

Dawn MacDonald, startup entrepreneur

I came to the Breakthrough Business Model Canvas workshop feeling unclear on my business strategy and how to take things forward. By the end of the session, I felt I had gained key insights on which media to use, how to start to generate business leads and the courage to find my bespoke niche as I launch. Thank you for a such a helpful, practical and inspiring session.

Jacalyn Johnson, startup entrepreneur


The Breakthrough Canvas really helped me develop my business plan for a presentation at google . Thank you so much for the advice and help .

Rick Everett, mental health entrepreneur

Having sought an experienced coach whom I could trust and rely upon for business advice, working with Neil has highlighted many other qualities that I should have also prioritised in my search. Neil is calm and caring while listening and delivering his insights, he is always accepting of my own pressures and biases, with endless energy and compassion to question and guide me through a range of topics that we identify and interrogate for the benefit of our business.

He has created value starting within myself, illuminating skill sets that I have and has shown me through his own tools, personal stories and experiences several practical ways to apply these to our business. In each session, Neil expands my mindset within my own conceivable horizon, giving me the confidence to explore. The business has and I’m certain will continue to gain improved avenues for customer and revenue generation because of Neil’s contribution.

Working with Neil has been a wholly beneficial experience, and I consider him to be a great resource of our business.

David Elms, Co-founder, Statement Reader