Media Modo Virtual Startup Studio

No Equity! No BS! Just Growth!

You want to build a business; a life changing organisation that will solve important issues and problems close to your heart whilst providing a prosperous future for yourself, your friends and your family.

Q: But how do you begin if you have no money?

A: Raise finance?

But what if that’s not possible or desirable?

A: Then you’re stuck….

…unless you can bootstrap your business through customer revenues!

Great! But there aren’t any startup accelerators that commit to this ‘customer revenue’ path; they all want a share of my equity and for me to commit to raise finance for the rest of my business life!!!

Until now:

The Media Modo Virtual Startup Studio is designed to Empower Entrepreneurs to Build Robust Businesses Through Customer Revenue Growth without taking equity!

We can help you achieve success through customer revenues because our team have been there, done that and got a wardrobe of T shirts when it comes to bootstrapping and building revenues through customer growth.

You bring the passion and sense of purpose coupled with your business idea and we will work with you to help fashion it into a winning business proposition that your customers love and pay for.

No Equity! No BS! Just Growth!

The Media Modo Virtual Startup Studio is currently accepting a carefully selected small group of entrepreneurs / young businesses to join together on a path to successfully launch and grow your business without needing to sell equity, target hyper-growth or commit to a future business sale.

Instead of short-term support to help you get from one funding stage to the next funding stage, we’re going to work with selected founders, like you perhaps, to support your customer and revenue growth over 9 months and, if we both choose, years.

With our massive Startup and Growth experience, you can expect to see your business grow and succeed better and to achieve more, faster with less stress and more fun!

Using our ground-breaking Breakthrough Business Model Canvas framework and the unique Manchester Business School researched eTeamTool; our deep experiencing in coaching and supporting startup and growth businesses, we can help you establish a robust path to success and to help you steer away from the many pitfalls that your business needs to navigate in order to achieve your goals.

We’ll help you make decisions faster, learn quicker and achieve more with great confidence and a whole lot more fun!

Who should apply?

If you have a passion or purpose driven business idea and a product or service that solves a customer pain or fear, then we want to hear from you.

We especially want to hear from you if you are put off by or simply bored of the idea of raising finance or fearful of giving up equity and control before the business is off the drawing board.

We use careful selection criteria to select the right people for us to work with, where we know we can add maximum value.

You can apply as a solo entrepreneur or as a small team.

Once we receive your initial email, we will send you an application pack – which explains what we need from you to assess your application and a more detailed explanation of how the Virtual Startup Studio works and what commitments you need to be able to make.

We will then set up an online interview within the following 7 days and we will make a decision within 24 hours on any application. We will also give feedback on your application whether successful or not with further recommendations on what you might choose to do next.

The application process has been designed to be a rewarding and valuable process, so please go ahead and request an application pack (email if you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions:

I am…

  • …driven by a passion or sense of purpose to build this business
  • …resilient and determined to make this a success
  • …ready to get going now

And, I…

  • …don’t want to (at this time) start to raise finance and / or sell equity
  • …have a product / service that I want to bring to market or, I have recently launched my product / service

We are currently accepting applications for our 1st of May 2019 cohort.

How to apply:

  1. Send us an email – and we’ll reply with the application pack.
  2. Please complete and email back the questionnaire in application pack and we will respond within 48 hours and if approved, set up an online interview.
  3. Following the online interview, we’ll let you know if you have been successful within 24 hours and confirm start dates
  4. We then both need to sign the agreement and prepare for the start date. 😊

What you get:

Once accepted as a member of the Media Modo virtual Startup Studio, you will always remain a member (subject to normal terms, of course).

For the initial 9 month’s period, you will receive

  • Three 7-week one-to-one coaching (21 sessions in total) with Neil Lewis. The focus of these session will be agreed between you and Neil but will selected from i) establishing your Breakthrough business plan ii) customer discover iii) building resilience iv) launch v) Going for growth
  • Access to 10 online ‘Insider Knowledge’ events delivered by outside speakers and experts in the field of online marketing, social media, design, copywriting, finance, cashflow and business plans etc…
  • Access to 10 online ‘Bring a Challenge, Find a Solution’ events
  • Peer to Peer networking through the Startup Studio WhatsApp Group
  • Invitation to the Success Party at the end of the first 9-month period

After the initial 9 months

  • Ongoing monthly coaching for successfully launched businesses, following on from the 9-month initial period.
  • Regular peer to peer meetups and online events

What it costs:

Exactly as you would expect, a high-quality programme has a high cost attached to it and we have chosen not to cut corners but to deliver the very best programme we can.

However, we equally understand that bootstrapped businesses have limited financial resources and therefore cannot meet the full cost of the programme up front.

Hence, we have designed an innovative programme structure which is both fair, affordable and aligns both our incentive to help you succeed with your desire to make your business a great success.

We charge, therefore:

  1. A modest upfront fee of £1,368, which in specific cases, we are willing to spread over two years to reduce the cost to a minimal £57 per month.
  2. In addition, we charge 3% of your business revenue for the first £100k of revenue and 1% of business revenue thereafter*.

Special launch offer: if you join our cohort starting May 2019, then we have the option to pay your fee upfront, for just £917 instead of the full £1,368 price. That works out at just over £100 per month for the first 9 months! We think that delivers exceptional value.

With a Complete 90-day Money Back Guarantee

Yes, that right, within 90 days, you can ask for a complete refund of your money and release from all obligations and we will agree.

In addition, if we don’t feel that we are able to accelerate your business growth as we had anticipated, then we too can refund your fees entirely and release you from the Startup Studio within the first 90 days.

This guarantee is really important to us because it ensures that we only spend our time with the entrepreneurs who are right for us and for whom we are right too.

Give me more detail about what we get?

Exceptional, one to one coaching from one of Europe’s top startup coaches.

Neil Lewis is a leading European startup coach. He has been there, done that and got a wardrobe of T shirts. As the lead Partner of Media Modo, he helps design tools and programmes to accelerate startup business growth.

Neil is based in Valencia, Spain and a regular speaker and workshop leader in Spain, London and Manchester. Hence, he is able to bring a multi-cultural and multi-national perspective to growth opportunities.

Bring a Challenge, Find a Solution events with fellow founders

One of the most effective ways to move forward faster is to bring your challenges to a trusted forum – an informal board, if you like – and invite your fellow founders to work with you to seek solutions in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Which is that’s exactly what we do with the Bring a Challenge, Find a Solution. Each event is chaired by an experienced coach to steer the conversation to find positive solutions in a positive atmosphere.

We will run 10 ‘Bring a Challenge, Find a Solution’ events over your 9-month term.

Inside Knowledge – via access to our Startup Studio team

Unique to the Media Modo Startup Studio, we can connect you with a hand-selected group of highly talented freelance people who will be able to deliver the missing pieces you need to establish and grow your business.

We will run a series of 10 events over your 9-month term in which experts will deliver the Inside Knowledge of how to use tools and knowledge to accelerate your business revenue growth. Example of the practical topics might include:

  • How to use Canva to accelerate your social media brand
  • How to take control of your WordPress website
  • How to develop Marketing campaigns for budget-lite businesses
  • Business Models and Finance: what tools can you use to make your business more efficient


  • Digital Marketing: Facebook advertising vs Google advertising
  • Automate your Social Media: how to use Hootsuite
  • How to record a video on your smart phone
  • How to build a winning Pitching: from lift to platform


  • How to write winning emails and website sales copy
  • How to find the right fellow partner
  • Build your own click funnel: integrating and using Mailchimp
  • How to build your Team

These workshops are designed to deliver knowledge of how you can use tools to leverage your skills in these various areas without incurring the cost or delay of hiring key people.

However, if your growth means that you need help or people, then we are on hand to help you find a suitable expert, freelancer or partner or any other team member that you need in order to help you to grow your revenues and succeed.

Peer to Peer network with fellow members of the Startup Studio

We run a WhatsApp group exclusively for people in the Startup Studio, so you can build trust and widen your network.

We also offer a party in December for all businesses successfully launched in Valencia. Please note, you will need to cover the costs of travel and accommodation but will negotiate special packages.

Who is on the Startup Studio team?

We’ve brought together three hugely experienced and impactful people who can support you and challenge you in equal measure:

Neil Lewis – Neil is a hugely experienced entrepreneur and startup / scaleup coach with nearly thirty years experience of digital business, product launches and startups. He is a qualified leadership coach and has designed and developed unique startup frameworks such as The Breakthrough Business Model Canvas and the eTeamTool.

Neil’s career summary: Ex Economist Group >> First Digital product in 1991 >> Successful startup / scaleup CEO >> Built 2 multi-million-pound businesses (with partners) one which went bust, 18 months after being offered a £12m sale  >> Published Author (100 Rules for Entrepreneurs) >> Regular Public Speaker >> Ran first startup accelerator in Manchester in 2011 >> Developed early stage eTeamTool assessment model with Manchester Business School >> Built the Breakthrough Business Model Canvas >> Qualified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer >> Pre-Startup to Scale-up coach >> Lives in Valencia and works across Barcelona, London, Manchester and online.

Find out more about Neil here:

Stuart Smith – Stuart is a hugely talented video and digital content producer with an MBA from Manchester Business School and with a deep knowledge of the digital and online market place. He is an anthropologist and software engineer by background. Stuart supports the development of the Breakthrough Business Model Canvas.

Find out more about Stuart here:

Juliann Tilley – Juliann, by background is an ergonomics engineer, is an established startup coach having worked alongside Manchester Business School MBA students and entrepreneurs on their path to startup and growth. Juliann supports the development of the eTeamTool.

Find out more about Juliann here:

Plus, we will have visiting experts who will deliver the Inside Knowledge workshops.

What is not included

You will always be responsible for the manufacture of your products or the compiling of software to run your service. This is always going to be your area of expertise. Our job is to help you leverage that knowledge and insight that you already possess.

If you decide to contract with any of the experts who present at our events, then that is entirely at your discretion.

Do apply for Empowering Entrepreneurs’ Startup Studio if:

  • You have a brilliant business or a great idea and early traction, but limited money and a need for additional experience!
  • Your goal is to build a secure long-term income or to pass it onto a management team as you ‘retire’ rather than building a business quick, in order to sell.
  • You are not looking to make a quick buck, but want to build something of long-term value that you can be proud of.

Do not apply for Empowering Entrepreneurs’ Startup Studio if:

  • Your business model anticipates raising significant levels of finance imminently, as you may be better off choosing our standard coaching plans rather than a commitment to long term share of revenue.
  • You are already generating significant cash, you may prefer a standard coaching plan to help you to re-launch or grow your business rather than a revenue commitment.
  • However, if your established business has hit a hard patch and you are short on cash and need to restart the path to growth, then, so long as your fellow shareholders agree, you can still apply.

If you are unsure, please ask ( and we’ll talk you through the options.

How long does membership of Media Modo Startup Studio last?

For as long as it takes unless either party decides to end the agreement early. We have a set of steps to end the agreement so both parties can leave well.

The first 9-month phase consists of a series of growth sprints followed by ongoing membership of the Startup Studio and monthly coaching.

Next steps

Please email us at

and we will send you an application pack.

* The 1% of revenue is dependent on a high revenue business. In some cases, such as consultancy or agency businesses, the potential revenues will be considerably lower than a product or automated services business and hence, we may accept some agency / consultancy businesses but the percentage of revenue would be adjusted to reflect the different nature of those companies.

No Equity! No BS! Just Growth!