Launch: CyberSafr Home Business Guide

CyberSafr Home Business Guide

In my latest book The Official CyberSafr Home Business Guide, I’m seeking to help home and micro business owners tackle the threat of cyber attacks and data hacks.

What I’ve found researching this book is that despite the major 2017 hacks and ransoms at international companies such as Equifax, Uber and national health services across the world, the big and mid-sized organisations are stepping up their cyber security quickly and effectively.

However, many home business owners – of which there are 5 million in the UK – are not. Hence, we are fast becoming the new target of international cybercriminals.

It is reckoned that 7 out of 10 android phones are now at risk of being hacked. To this we can add iPhones such as the widely used iPhone 5 too.

The problem is that a successful cyberattack won’t just cost you around £10,000 but it could lose all your customers too. After all, who will trust you with their data, code, design, copy etc… if you are not protecting it?ach.

So what can you do?

The old advice of keep passwords strong, update and don’t do anything stupid, is just too simple. Instead, I’ve found 20+ steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

None of them are hard or expensive, but they just take the desire to protect yourself.

Let me give you an example.

Perhaps you share a house with a teenage son or daughter? Perhaps they like playing games or downloading films on their devices? Did you know that if they also download – accidentally – malicious software, that it can end up corrupting your machines and devices too?

Worse of all, you are at risk of then importing that malicious code into your biggest customers’ systems.

That’s why cyber safety matters for all of us – no matter how large or small our business.

And how many digitally connected devices will you connect to your network this Christmas – possibly without a thought to the security implications for your home business?

That’s why I wrote the CyberSafr Home Business Guide, because we all need help to close our digital front doors and lock our virtual backdoors.

Click to find out more about CyberSafr on Amazon or just search Amazon for ‘cybersafr’.



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