Business Development with Digital Media

Okay, you’ve got a great product or service and you want to increase sales…  how will you do this?

Traditionally, you might initially develop the product – and then subsequently take it and sell it. Through a process called ‘market research’.

But this method has failed at such a high rate (generally thought to exceed a failure rate of 99%) that it isn’t valid.

So, how do you take a product to market and then develop leads and demand?

Well, actually, it is the other way around – you bring your market to your product.

That is, you begin working and interacting with your market from the very first day that you begin developing your product. You allow your customers – potential or real – to influence and affect what you build and create.

This is called an iterative process and it has its roots in agile software development. This is different from traditional market research as it is about creating two way conversations around solving problems that people or businesses are already encountering. And it is how we can help you develop your business through digital media.

We can help advise or build a new media approach to allow you to do this. Contact us to find out more…

You might be interested in some of the projects that we’ve been working on recently

Increasing sales of Clean 9 and Fit programme products at Fit NW – a leading supplier of tailored fit 15 and C9 weight management programmes
Improving the SEO and initiating a Facebook business page launch of a Luxury Spanish Holiday Rental Villa – north of Costa Blanca
Developing a web based and facebook community based around the team brand Forever Quiet Giants – a growth team for entrepreneurs

From 2017, we will be expanding our work on Spanish holiday and real estate markets starting with the new spanish villa rental webiste.

We have more projects in the pipeline – but in essence our focus has been into the wellness, fitness, health, holidays, property and travel sectors. Sometimes the project is external – ie seeking new customers, sometimes it is focused on existing customers and sometimes it is based on developing and strengthening teams.