Facebook Advertising – how to slash your marketing costs!

Facebook advertising is the new opportunity for smart and agile businesses – simply because it allows you to reach more people for less cost than any other form of marketing.

Yes, that’s right, we ran a test and discovered that Facebook beat Radio adverts, Newspaper adverts, Direct Mail, Inserts, TV adverts and any other form of marketing.

It is also cheaper than email marketing because firstly, you don’t have the expense of collecting email addresses and secondly, because larger scale email marketing is increasingly treated as spam with company fire walls and cybersecurity systems designed to prevent staff ‘clicking’ on your link.

For all these reasons, Facebook is now the ‘go to’ for smart marketeers. And yes, it does also outperform Google Ads, because the large advertisers are buying google ads in large quantities which drives up the bid price for everyone else.

Lastly, Facebook too is a bid based form of advertising, so, whilst it is cheaper now, it won’t always remain so – hence, now is the time to engage with Facebook advertising and start to slash your marketing costs.

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