Social Search

Social Media formalises the Word of Mouth marketing of old. We like to call it C2C Marketing – and social media channels offer us a new way to connect with customers

However, the value of good social media engagement is very rarely a sale. Or, put it another way, social media campaigns focused on and measured on sales rarely work.

Instead, social media brings other benefits

  • improved search engine ranking
  • lead generation
  • brand (trust) enhancement and awareness

C2C Marketing is similar to B2C marketing, but involves one customer recommending the product to service to another customer instead of a business or business employee ‘making a sale’.

In fact, it is the redevelopment of an old marketing idea; namely, word of mouth, in a more sophisticated social and digital media rich age.

The success of building business turnover based one consumer recommending a product or service to another consumer depends on a couple of key ideas:

1. Its got to be easy (and free to share)


2. Its got to be easy (and rewarding to share)

It is easy to share a cinema or restaurant recommendation with a friend. It is even easier to share with friends thanks to social media combined with smart phones. The growth of the smart phone just makes it possible to share in the moment – and, in many ways, socially rewarding to share too.

Sharing a blog or newspaper article (if free) is quick and easy too. Which is why most online publications are free – at least to the sharing bloggers.

However, there is something else; the product and service needs to be worth recommending. It has to be of sufficient quality that you’d want to recommend it – or, to put your name behind it.

What does that require? Great customer experience…

Hence, the route to social media success or the answer to ‘how do I make facebook work for my business’ is actually best answered with this question; ‘how do I create an amazing customer experience that motivates people to share’?

So, there are two parts – amazing customer experience and motivation.

Get these two right and your success will be exponential.