Breakthrough Canvas comes to London

If you are running a startup near London, then this British Library event might be right for you if…

  • you are considering a pivot
  • you’re struggling to find customer traction
  • you’re finding it difficult to convince investors
  • you’re partners are pulling in different directions
  • you want to move forward faster
  • you want to find and resource your team quicker

A lot of the time, we don’t like to openly talk about where our startup is at, because we fear that it might affect potential investors or team members, but equally, facing the brutal facts of where we are, is critical to progress – and that’s what this workshop will allow you to do, so that you move forward faster.

Check out the details on the British Library site for the 9th August or 14th August workshop. Both events take place in the British Library on Euston Road, London.

Or you can book directly via Eventbrite here.