Breakthrough Business Model Canvas – in Manchester

Business Breakthrough event at the British Library in Manchester

Last week saw the first Breakthrough Business event using our 2.0 version of the Business Model Canvas on a beautiful evening inside Manchester’s magnificent central library.

As always, our desire is to help social and business entrepreneurs gain insights and breakthroughs to help them to achieve lift-off and magnify their organisations growth.

The stand out message from this event was that people don’t buy ‘what you do’ they buy ‘why you do it’.

For me this is one of the most important messages that we’ve built into our Breakthrough Canvas – placing the question ‘why’ at the heart of the whole business.

After all, if your start up isn’t heart led, is it worth the heartache?

The truth is, there will be plenty of heartache and disappointment on our entrepreneurial journeys and hence, the only way to ensure we have the strength to persist and keep going until we succeed is to do something that is really important to us – to deliver change that we care about.

So, it is important for your potential customers, potential investors and potential fellow workers to understand ‘why’ you are building your organisation, but it is just as important that you too understand why, as it is this personal insight and knowledge that will sustain you through the rough times and ensure you get to the see the success you are creating.