We work with exceptional talent. So if you are the best at what you do, why would you work with Media Modo?

Five key reasons

  1. You get to choose the projects you work on.
  2. You get to work from home so that you can work around kids, family or other commitments whilst still having 100% support.
  3. Your earnings are directly related to your results. If you are excellent, you’ll earn a lot more money than working for a corporate employer.
  4. We will help you – we won’t hassle you. We know that great media and marketing people really dislike the hassle they get from some big departments. We just pay you on results. We only ask that you provide the information we need to keep our clients in the picture.
  5. We share the same incentives – we want to help you achieve.

Will it work for me?

Providing freelance media and marketing services doesn’t work for everyone. Firstly, you need to be excellent in your niche and have strong personal motivation. You do, however, need to be able to work in teams which requires that you are good on the telephone, a fluent writer, a clear thinker and ready to learn from fellow experts.

What’s next?

If you think you this role could be right for you, please contact us or review our latest freelance jobs at Enterprise Freelance Fair.