Free Social Media and Facebook Training

If you are a business based in Cheshire and/ or Warrington, then we are offering free Facebook training courtesy of EU funding. Places are limited, so please get in touch to get more information.

Working in collaboration with Warrington Business School and funded by the EU, I am able to offer free Facebook and social media training and support to qualifying businesses. So, if you have a Cheshire and / or Warrington business address, do get in touch now and find out more.

Do I need social media training and can this training help me?

Almost certainly, yes – but the benefits for each person and each business will vary – so let me try to answer this with some Frequently Asked Questions – and if you still have a question at the end, please post me a comment at the bottom of this page.

It’s only me – do I benefit?

Yes! If you are running your own business, then you are also responsible for bring in new customers, staying in contact with current customers and promoting your business to partners whilst raising your profile. Can Facebook and social media help you do this?


Can Facebook and social media help you promote your business more effectively? Again Absolutely! You are probably time poor, so achieving more with less is going to be a big benefit for you.

I’m a newbie on Facebook, is the training for me?

Yes. We will stream the groups so that you are with people at a similar stage of getting to grips with Facebook

I’m quite experienced on Facebook, is the workshop for me?

Yes. We will stream the groups so that you are with similar people

So, is there anyone who can’t benefit from Social Media or Facebook help?

The vast majority of businesses can benefit from Facebook. Small businesses, large businesses, local businesses, businesses selling a service (physiotherapy, retailers, property agents, vet services, hairdresser, marketeer, freelancers and so on and so forth), companies selling services outside of your region, ecommerce businesses, travel and holiday businesses.

Equally, your business might be based on a cause or a charity and yes, you can still use Facebook as a highly efficient to attract and keep customers or supporters – simply and easily.

I run a team – who should attend?

Good question. If only one person in your team has a social media or marketing responsibility, then that would be the person. If you *all* get involved in social media, then choose someone who is happy to come back to your team and share insights and ideas.

Can this Facebook training help my locally based business?

Yes. Facebook is very powerful in promoting your local business when you know how.

Can this Facebook training help my web or globally based business?

Yes, equally, Facebook can allow you to target people by specific interest to reach those people who want to know about your product or service.

What will I learn?

Each workshop is adapted to suit your and your fellow attendees needs. However, to start with, we’ll begin with these topics

Facebook Workshop

Facebook Workshop

    • How to split your personal Facebook newsfeed from your business page – and how to make them both work
    • How to find out who likes you (and who doesn’t)
    • How to discover which posts work best and what kind of people like your products & services
    • How to increase interaction
    • How to get more likes
    • How to get more shares

and there is more…

    • How to make your CTAs (call to actions) work
    • How to write a great post (AIDA)
    • How to take great photos
    • When is the best time to post on Facebook?
    • Cross sharing – what is it and when can you do it?

and there is more…

  • What happens when you work in a team? You’ll be amazed
  • Should groups be part of my Facebook strategy?
  • And should I be advertising on Facebook
  • What to do when it goes wrong…

And of course, I’ll be there to answer any particular questions you have.

How will that help me/ my business?

Facebook is *the* best way of both reaching out to new customers, getting your customers to help promote your business (word of mouth) and also keeping your current customers involved. And, it is only going to get better, so the sooner you engage effectively, the sooner your business will benefit.

Is it any fun?

I hope so! 🙂

Why Neil Lewis

Well, I’ve been a digital marketing since 1991 when I was the marketing lead for a project to convert directories to CD-ROMs. Since then I have lead major marketing campaigns, run Search Engine Optimisation and Facebook campaigns, run Google Ad campaigns and developed an in depth knowledge of digital media and how best to use it.

I have – with colleagues – helped to set up and run two multi-million pound businesses as well as offering my skills and digital marketing knowledge to a few key clients.

I am currently promoting a couple of projects on Facebook, so my experience is real, current and up-to-date.

When is it?

Usually a Tuesday or Wednesday night from 6pm to 9pm in Warrington (Warrington Business School are in charge of the schedule). We can, with Warrington Business School, put more courses on to meet additional demand, so don’t worry if those times don’t work, there is flexibility.

How much does it cost?

If you are a Cheshire or Warrington based business or startup, it is entirely free – thanks to EU funding. Otherwise, it is £50 per attendee.

How do I join?

Get in touch with me now so that I can put you in touch with the guys organising the workshops at Warrington Business School and they can reserve your place.