Top performing articles across the Media Modo network

Top performing articles in the past three months across the Media Modo network include

FitNW piece on weight loss and Forever’s Clean 9 Tina’s Dramatic Weight Loss Clean 9 story. The early signs from a publishing and SEO perspective are that this article pulls well because of its human story – which engages readers and has a higher click through rate. In turn, it seems that Google is now ranking this page well – in accordance with its usage and therefore, the page / story is performing particularly strongly.

Weight management and products such as Clean 9 are particularly competitive terms, so it seems that in order to stand out, there needs to be a powerful human interest story to capture and retain attention. Tina’s story of losing 12lbs in just over a week is a great weight loss story and one that pulls the traffic.

This article then links through to our Clean 9 shop which is performing particularly strongly because of the high relevance rating that we are achieving which leads to a high conversion. Essentially, it seems that google likes pages that deliver good sales conversion and ranks them higher.
A second top performing article has been Why Can’t I get a good job or well paid contract or freelance work?”. This article scores well for two primary reasons. Firstly, it has a strong message in the title – its hitting home on freelance issues that people don’t want to talk about.

Secondly, it contains a compelling and professionally compiled video – which lasts about 8 minutes.

Watching this video keeps the audience time on the page high – and again, that is good for analytics and also for ranking.