FitNW – let’s get Fit, lose weight and live longer is a new launch which aims to help people connect with a local personal trainers to reach their fitness goals, lose weight and be healthy.

The growing interest in fitness and health is filtering into the need and desire to live longer – or at least, to be healthier for longer.

More people are recognising that with the need to work for more years – as the pension age receds, the need to remain fit and healthy in our later years is becoming more and more important.

Hence, people are turning to advice and help outside of traditional medical services to help them get fit and stay fit.

A key area we have identified is the value of finding a personal trainer to help achieve the early goals and to establish a healthy lifestyle.

However, as people search for fitness and trainer advice locally, we’ve ensured that our focus remains highly local with searches targetting on personal trainers in Chester, in Manchester, Liverpool and so forth.