Health Communities – fitness / detox and skin

Health and health related issues – such as sports and fitness – are a key growth business area.

In fact, recent reports show what business angels are prioritising investment into health related business, devices and services.

With that in mind, we have been supporting the growth of health communities – from the issue of itching skin to a promotional event called My Detox Day – with the aim of helping use charity sponsorship to commit to both a detox diet and a modest level of fitness; and Get Fit NW – a site aimed at helping people find local personal trainers and support for their fitness and weight management goals.

The really interesting point about health, from an investment or business building perspective, is that real interest (and willingness to spend) begins when people reach 40 or so years old.

Hence, western markets – and the English speaking / internet enabled world is a pretty close fit – is growing old rapidly and more and more people are past 40 years old and either thinking about health and fitness or actively engaged in maintaining better health and fitness levels.

Hence, as a growth market, Media Modo have decided to support and build health and fitness related online communities.

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