Do iPad or Don’t I?

do ipad or don't I?

do ipad or don't I?

Ooohhh the iPad!

On one hand – 2 million boxes shifted worldwide – so far.

On the other hand, slight disappointment.


Do I, don't I? Do I get an iPad, or not?

Well, at a basic level, yes, I want one. Just to be a part of the hype and excitement.

But, there is a version two coming

very soon – the data plans that go with the iPad are currently rubbish and duplicate my existing plans… and then there are all the competitor products coming in the Autumn too.

Okay, so we are in business – a tablet device will be mine before the end of the year.

But who's? iPad doesn't run flash – that's kind of annoying. Nor, as my daughter tells me, does it allow me to listen to music whilst reading a digital book – that is a shame (unless I hack it, of course).

But worse of all, Wired Magazine launched on the iPad last week and didn't quite live up to its billing – and its You Tube videos of how it might look and feel on an iPad.

The complaints? Well, it took too long to download, the experience was poor – although the design was brilliant. Check this site for a further discussion of why the tradition high gloss magazine isn't translating directly onto the iPad.

So, there we have it – the new digital magazine format – designed for tablet devices – is still up for grabs. No one, has, yet delivered the slam dunk digital magazine on this format. But somehow, there has been pretty broad acceptance that the future lies with tablets – for reading and enjoying media.

And there lies the opportunity ….