New Digital Magazine for Successful Entrepreneurs Launches


Digital Magazine for Successful Entrepreneurs

Digital Magazine for Successful Entrepreneurs

18th March 2010



New Digital Magazine Rags to Wreckages… to Riches Launches

Shows How Successful Entrepreneurs Use Failure to Create Success 

A new, free digital magazine – Rags to Wreckages… to Riches – has just launched, offering entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs valuable, regular business advice based on the concept of ‘been there, done it’. Entrepreneurs who visit the site and subscribe to the accompanying newsletter will find regular news, features and opinion pieces designed to help others learn from the mistakes and experience of the driving force behind the site, entrepreneur and business adviser Neil Lewis.

The new digital magazine offers business strategy advice to current, would-be and successful entrepreneurs based on the premise that we can learn more from our mistakes than our successes. It offers short, insightful articles on various topics, from business goal setting, to outsourcing, and the benefits of keeping a business lean. 

Neil Lewis, publisher of Rags to Wreckages and partner of its parent company MediaModo, says: “It’s only by failing and looking at your mistakes that you learn – successful entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily successful the first time round and they don’t know if they can do it again if they’ve not failed. Successful entrepreneurs learn from failure because failure means that we have an opportunity to refine and improve what we are doing – so that we can come back even stronger next time.”

Neil’s advice comes from experience and he continues:Before the global economy began to turn, many entrepreneurs took unacceptable risks or made bad decisions that didn’t impact on those enterprises UNTIL the economic tide turned. I count myself in that group too.  I saw the business mistakes of the previous five years make my company untenable, so that from a £2k start-up in 2002 to a £12m valuation in 2007, my second business closed its doors in August 2009 and we, the shareholders, walked away with nothing. It was quite a journey – and probably the best real life MBA you could ever get!”