Social Media formalises the Word of Mouth marketing of old. We like to call it C2C Marketing – and social media channels offer us a new way to connect with customers

However, the value of good social media engagement is very rarely a sale. Or, put it another way, social media campaigns focused on and measured on sales rarely work.

Instead, social media brings other benefits

  • improved search engine ranking
  • lead generation
  • brand (trust) enhancement and awareness

C2C Marketing is similar to B2C marketing, but involves one customer recommending the product to service to another customer instead of a business or business employee ‘making a sale’.

In fact, it is the redevelopment of an old marketing idea; namely, word of mouth, in a more sophisticated social and digital media rich age.

The success of building business turnover based one consumer recommending a product or service to another consumer depends on a couple of key ideas:

1. Its got to be easy (and free to share)


2. Its got to be easy (and rewarding to share)

It is easy to share a cinema or restaurant recommendation with a friend. It is even easier to share with friends thanks to social media combined with smart phones. The growth of the smart phone just makes it possible to share in the moment – and, in many ways, socially rewarding to share too.

Sharing a blog or newspaper article (if free) is quick and easy too. Which is why most online publications are free – at least to the sharing bloggers.

However, there is something else; the product and service needs to be worth recommending. It has to be of sufficient quality that you’d want to recommend it – or, to put your name behind it.

What does that require? Great customer experience…

Hence, the route to social media success or the answer to ‘how do I make facebook work for my business’ is actually best answered with this question; ‘how do I create an amazing customer experience that motivates people to share’?

So, there are two parts – amazing customer experience and motivation.

Get these two right and your success will be exponential.

Here is an example of a aloe vera C2C marketing business that I’m currently working on. The site is rather dull shop, which is why it isn’t widely shared. However, take an exception product – such as the Clean 9 weight management programme, incentive people to share their experiences and results with visually powerful images, and then you have a powerful way to engage facebook.

Interesting, it doesn’t work simply by promoting links to the webpage or shop.

The motivation in these case is that customers get paid to share their experiences and make recommendations. This, again, can only work when they themselves have had exceptional customer experiences.

If you’d like to know how this works in more detail or would like to earn an extra income from using and sharing these products, then please get in touch with me.

We are currently recruiting independent distributors and a team of personal trainers and sports coaches, along with developing and building a team of photographers and digital media experts who can help deliver new media and new business opportunities and products.

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